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Welcome to Nimiro – Bugaga where we provide you with the Best Agro- Farming solutions and guidance to improve your crop yields and make wealth in Agronomy farming.

We have courses on various Crops for example  Tomatoes, Cabbage, Carrots, etc.  Subscribe NOW  to your desired course and attain the Knowledge and solutions.


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1. This website has 5 links, that's to say, Home, about us, Courses, Contact and My Account.

2. In order to Views the courses, click on courses and while there, click to sort the courses by A-Z. Now you are able to view all the courses.

3. To purchase a given course, click on Purchase and this will prompt you to register with your Username, email address and password of your choice for your Nimiro Bugaga platform Account.

4. After creating your account (Nimiro Bugaga platform), you can now select a course and proceed to view cart, and there, you can pay using your Airtel Mobile Money

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“Enimiro Bugagaa tomatoes growing tutoriols have hepled me a lot on improving and maximising my profits .”

ENock kigundu

“It was after i subscribed to enimiro bugagaa, that i learnt that tomatoes farming is very lucrative, i realized that i can do it myself, Thanks.”

kimbuggwe steven

“it was always very hard for me to know when to spray and with what , however after learning Crop protection course on this platform, now i yield so much  .”

Mugoda ayub

“I always wanted to invest in agriculture but i didn’t know where and when exactly to invest, but after the tomatoe growing course from Enimiro bugagga., i realized there’s so much i could invest in this ,Thank you for the good work”

Makubuya edward